Stallions / Studvertising

The StudBook offers 2 stallion listing- or ‘studvertising’ choices: The standard half page size for stallions age 4 and up, and a third of a page for young stallions, age 2-3.

  • $300 full page for first prize stallions OR $525 for 2 years
  • $150 standard half page OR $250 for 2 years
  • $75 third page (young stallions) OR $125 for 2 years

Information provided: stallion’s lineage, USIHC / CIHF registration number, evaluation and BLUP scores, location, owner, contact information for breeding, if live breeding is offered, AI and / or hand breeding, and photo(s) of the stallion. Young stallions obviously won’t include evaluation scores. On the full pages for first prize stallions, additional space is available for more text about the stallion and or his offspring, and 2 additional photos of the stallion or his offspring.

The advertiser of the stallion needs to provide us with the stallion’s name, USIHC / CIHF registration number, location, owner, contact information, if live breeding is offered, AI and / or hand breeding, and a photo. Photos should be high resolution (at least 240 dpi) and can be in color. Photos need to be conformation (3/4 or side photos) or ridden photos. No frontal or head shots accepted.

Stallion listings and payment need to be submitted by December 1st of every year to be included in the following year’s StudBook.

Click here to download a PDF with our Studvertising rates


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